Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thoughts for a Thursday

I love people. I love communicating with them and building relationships. I was in a meeting last night for my missions trip to Mexico and we have a very small group going there (7 people total). As we were concluding the meeting I just felt such an appreciation for that group. I'm happy that it's a small group, and none of us really know each other that well. This way we can build deeper relationships with each other. The leader, Emily, is absolutely amazing. Everyone has something different to offer. All I could say before we left was, "Guys, I'm so excited about this group!" I can sense God doing something spectacular in and with each one of us.

Speaking of loving people, getting ready for the Christmas season makes it seem almost necessary. Especially during Christmas shopping. BLACK FRIDAY. My goodness. I didn't see many smiles on Black Friday. Everyone is so busy shopping and decorating and putting on performances. I was at rehearsal for A James River Christmas the other night and all the people doing "behind-the-scenes" stuff seemed so uptight. I thought, what can I do to even in the slightest bit make someone's day brighter? Well, we weren't supposed to talk...or move...or really do anything but pay close attention and sing. So I picked out one of the ladies who looked very stressed, caught her eye, and just smiled. And she didn't just smile back in dismissal because she had a lot to do, she genuinely smiled back and you could just see a little tension release from her. It was small, but I noticed it. And I think it made both of our nights just a little bit better.

I went to Dillard's to purchase some Estee Lauder "Beautiful" lotion for my mother for Christmas and this incredibly sweet elderly woman assisted me in my purchase. It took some time because someone had called and asked her several questions, so you know what she did? She gave me two dual Lip Cromatix! She told me she was only supposed to give me one, but she was going to give me two. It was so nice of her, and it truly made my day!

Even the smallest acts of kindness matter. I am so much happier when I take focus off myself and pour into other people. My roommate, Tristen, and I put up on our wall the fruits of the spirit, one sheet for each of us, and when one of us sees the other displaying one of the fruits of the spirit, we put a sticker next to it on their sheet. It's helped us to encourage each other and just by doing that I think both of us have become a little stronger in bearing much fruit. :)

Anyway, I hope whoever visits my blog is having a wonderful start of the season. And I hope that God is using you to brighten someone's day and vise versa! :)

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  1. Hey your thoughts! I always smile just when I think of you! Hope to see you soon.