Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve is here!

Happy Christmas Eve!! I can't believe Christmas is tomorrow. I really enjoy the preparation of the Holiday.

My song went well yesterday. I actually did remember the words! That was lucky. It was a wonderful sermon yesterday about Mary's journey and our own journey's with God. At the end Pastor asked for everyone's family's to come together and sing silent night. I couldn't tell you how I felt. This Christmas, for my family, is left with several voids. I was sitting with my mother, my uncle, and my cousin. With my father's passing, my uncle's wife running out, my other aunt's husband being asked to leave...our family isn't as complete as it once was. And earlier this season I was having such a difficult time knowing that dad wouldn't be here when I returned.

But as we were singing Silent Night, God whispered hope into my ear. We're celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Without this significant event in history, I would have no hope of ever seeing my father again. Without Jesus, none of us could truly overcome the sorrow of this world. Without Jesus there wouldn't be hope of new life and new beginnings. But everything is going to be OK, because there is a God who loves us and will wrap us in His arms when we need Him to.

Sometimes we think that when someone dies, God hasn't answered our prayers. But I can say, after 15 years of asking for my father's complete healing, God finally answered our prayers. He healed him more than He ever could on this earth. Without Jesus, I couldn't have peace with such knowledge. With Jesus, death doesn't need to be a tragedy. It can simply be a new beginning.

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  1. Merry Christmas, Lis! We miss you in Iowa ans can't wait to see you again!