Saturday, August 15, 2009

When I Come To Die, Give Me Jesus

Tonight I went to our cheap-o theaters with my adopted family to see "Night At The Museum 2" which was hilarious as the first. I love movies that make good sequels instead of making those "hey, the first one was a hit so let's make a low-budget sequel that people will simply go see because they liked the first one and hope this one will be just as good but won't be" sequels.

When I came out I had missed a phone call from my mom. I already knew why she had called, so I returned the call right away. She told me that Papa John had passed away a little while ago. It was really peaceful and the nurse was already there along with everyone else. I feel horrible that I can't be there right now, but I am glad that I decided to make the trip up there to see him one last time. I wish we had more time with him to get to know him more. But even when I was up there I got to visit with him and learn more about him. He told me about his life growing up and his siblings. I'm really glad I was there.

But like I said before, I hate goodbyes. And my hate for goodbyes only reminds me of Christ's promise that we as believers never truly say goodbye.

I'm eternally grateful for everyone's prayers and support. My job's for allowing me to take off time to visit my grandpa. And thank you very little to the coffee shop that I just quit because they couldn't find the decency to treat me like a human being amidst it all and more. That, my friends, is a perfect example of a goodbye that I welcome with open arms.

Congratulations to Papa John for his return home to the Lord!