Thursday, April 23, 2009


  • Last weekend had my sister's wedding back in Michigan. Caught the bouquet..okay, well...slid into it, and received $500 for my wedding that does not exist! I can let it sit in my savings account and build interest for a while :)
  • This week is the last week of classes. This weekend I'm throwing Tristen's Bachelorette/Lingerie Party, it'll be great fun.
  • Next week is finals. I'm also moving into my apartment next weekend!
  • I start Summer Classes May 5th. I'm so excited to have an excuse to go out and shoot photos! I want to begin working on a portfolio this summer. Yep, we'll be opening for business in no time.
  • Tristen and Brandon's wedding is in 2 weeks!!
  • Relay For Life is in 3 weeks!
  • I have carpal tunnel and some other issue. :(
  • Here's the kicker, my mom's getting married. In June. She just informed us today. Hmm...
Hence my lack of keeping up with anything these days.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Sometimes we must be crumbled so that wildflowers may come up where we are.