Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thinking Without Limits

Autumn is officially here!! Although the first day of Autumn was warmer than the last day of Summer. But this week it's nice and cool. I loooove the fall! Yesterday we decorated the house in a gorgeous array of colors with leaves and pumpkins and such. It was pretty wonderful.

I'm preparing to go back to school next semester. The only downfall is that it's difficult for part-time students to get financial aid. But at least it'll be about half the price. I've really enjoyed this time off though. It's really helped me to allow God to place some things in my life. To find more pieces to my puzzle. :)

I'm dropping music altogether, though. Honestly, I just want to sing. And I don't need a degree to sing if I don't plan on doing professional opera or anything. So to replace my music minor I have Sociology. Which, lucky for me, Theology, Sociology, and Leadership share a lot of the same classes. And I think the collaboration of the three of these will be much more enjoyable than the last.

In other news, I'm in three weddings next Spring/Summer! April, May, and...July. I get June off I guess. :) The funny thing is, in all of them I'm wearing different shades of blue. And as much as I hate to plan my wedding before I even know who my future husband is, I've concluded that blue will not be one of the colors in our wedding. haha But wow...I can't even believe how many people have been getting engaged just in the past two months! Everyone's growing up so fast. I wish they'd wait for me.

Anyway, I'm going to go paint. Yes. Paint. :) I decided that since I cannot yet afford my camera, I will create images with my own two hands. One of these days, though!