Thursday, January 5, 2012

Feature: Color Palettes

Many people I know are currently remodeling their living spaces and have been looking for new ideas to decorate. When I was growing up, my family moved A LOT...and every house we moved into we would decorate. Every. Single. One. Paint, wallpaper, motif, the works. And you know, every project is a family project! So I can definitely thank my parents in that retrospect for my creativity!

One of the biggest decisions to make is the color scheme of a room. What colors compliment each other, what hue or saturation you want, what feeling you wish to give to the environment. For instance, my mom and stepdad have officially become snow birds. They're in the process of remodeling their vacation home and mom's wanting to give a "Beach Cottage" feel to it. Normally she is drawn to the florals of "Shabby Chic." I know she's going to laugh when she reads this, but I'm in the process of easing her through the transition (including a text I had just sent her: "Remember to stay away from the florals!"). haha

So as we were looking through themes and schemes, I thought of how you can take a simple picture or item of decor, study the colors in it, and form your color palette for the rest of the room. This is actually what I'm in the process of doing in our own apartment. We received a beautiful picture from our wedding shower, I took the colors and design from it, and am applying it to everything else.

First and foremost, you want to know your color wheel.
To see the color wheel broken down go HERE. There are certain ways to read and understand the color wheel to figure out what colors compliment each other, what neutralizes, what softens stronger colors, etc. There's much more to that color wheel than you think! I've had to apply it to my hair coloring, scrapbooking, graphic design, photography, and interior design. Understanding the color wheel makes a world of difference, and a whole new world of color.

On that note, let me share with you some unique color schemes that we've stumbled upon. Now this isn't just referring to paint colors, but also the colors you incorporate into your fabrics, wall-hangings, and room decorations or accents:

I love this beachy palette with fun, contrasting colors

The same idea, but much softer:

Green as the dominant color:

Warm, fall tones...I would probably add a chocolate brown to this palette:


Some other ones I found unique:

I hope you found this helpful! To check out some great ideas for a "Beach Cottage" or "Shabby Chic" motif you can check out my mom's Pinterest at Peppermynt Patti. Once they get internet hooked up at their new place on Monday, she'll start blogging the process of remodeling their new vacation home!

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