Friday, December 23, 2011

Failure Isn't Fatal

Sometimes when we're trying to achieve our goals, road blocks get in the way. It can get extremely discouraging when you feel you're constantly trying your best, but not much is coming out of it. The truth is, we have to keep our eyes focused on the goal and not be distracted by the negative forces that may try to hold us back. There is always a bigger picture, although we can't always see it at the time.

I just stumbled upon some stories of people who were discouraged and failed, but eventually after they overcame their setbacks, they touched the stars:

* In 1927 Lucille Ball was told by an instructor at her drama school to "find another profession...acting will not work for you."

* Universal studios dismissed Clint Eastwood and Burt Reynolds in 1959 claiming neither one had talent and both talked too slow for the motion picture industry.

* Decca Recording Company executives told the BEATLES their way, their style, their look, their sound was out and would not catch on and to look elsewhere...and they did!

* For seven years a young inventor named Chester Carlson took his idea to 20 different corporations where all turned him down. The Haloid Company finally took a chance and Chester's new idea and product caught on...the Haloid company then changed its name to XEROX.

* For several years a well-known magazine lost money but stayed the course until its concept caught on....that magazine became known as Sports Illustrated.

* For several years a man cooked chicken in a road side cafe believing his chicken was the best there was...he stayed with it until he was in his 50's and finally the man and his chicken became known as Colonel Sanders and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

* Two of the most well-known NFL coaches, Chuck Noll and Tom Landry, had several losing seasons before finding success and eventually won Super Bowl Titles...Noll won 4 with the Steelers and Landry won 2 with the Cowboys.

*And my favorite...Abraham Lincoln:

In 1831, Abraham Lincoln failed in business.
In 1832, Abraham Lincoln was defeated for state legislator.
In 1833, Abraham Lincoln tried a new business, and failed.
In 1835, Abraham Lincoln’s fiancĂ©e died.
In 1836, Abraham Lincoln had a nervous breakdown.
In 1843, Abraham Lincoln ran for congress and was defeated.
In 1848, Lincoln ran again, and was defeated. Again.
In 1855, Lincoln ran for the Senate, and lost.
In 1856, Lincoln ran for Vice President, and lost.
In 1859, Lincoln ran again for the Senate. He was defeated.
Then, in 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States.

Success isn't measured by the position you reach in life; it's measured by the obstacles you overcome.

"Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him." (James 1:12)

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