Friday, October 26, 2012

Whole Foods: Fact or Fable?

Many of you may have heard that Whole Foods has been investigated undercover by the Organic Spies in regard to the issue of GMOs. A lot of people shop at Whole Foods confident that they are only receiving the best-of-the-best foods - free of any kind of chemical or modification. Below is a video of the OS going under cover for, watch and see what they found out:

So Whole Foods president and COO has admitted that they DO sell items with GMOs...and yet all of these people are spewing false information to their buyers who believe they're making an informed purchase.

Since the releasing of these videos, there is no doubt that people's voices are being heard. At first, WF was not showing any type of support for California's proposition 37 or educating their employees. Now, at least 70,000 employees are being retrained and Walter Robb, CEO of Whole Foods has donated $25,000 in support of Prop 37.

Pretty awesome what a small group of people who believe in our "Right to Know" can do. They continue to push the campaign so that companies who claim to be pure have to label their impurities.

 Check out the Natural News website or facebook page to keep up with the progress on this new campaign.

While you're at it, I would also advise you to read up on the latest about VACCINES as well.

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