Monday, October 29, 2012

Love da Liberry

Normally I don't begin with a punch line, but today is an exception.

All these books (plus three more I forgot to add) for $6. Tops.

How do I do it, you may ask? Well, the Greene County library system does their Biggest Book Sale twice a year where people donate a bunch of books and all proceeds go to keep up all the libraries in the county.

My friend Rachel and I went a few days ago and got a few books about $1-$4 each (not to mention she got the WOW 1996 CD which was the best Blast-From-The-Past ever, we listened to it the rest of the night!). They announced as we were getting ready to check out that on Sunday, the last day, if you paid $5 you could fill up an entire bag of books from the Better Books section. If you filled up a bag on the Non-Fiction, Older-books section you only had to pay $1!! So, I filled up one from each side!

They had some amazing resources...nutrition/health, yoga, Christian Fiction, graphic design, writing/editing/publishing, home made stuff, pregnancy books (I thought would be useful some day), and even sheet music! I got some awesome Music Education resources, including the SATB sheet music of "Lifesong" by Mark Hall! And the EXACT SAME World of Music book I used when I was in Elementary School!

When I went a few days ago they had one of the first editions of To Kill A Mockingbird, but it was in the Antique Book section for about $ I was really hoping it would be there for the last day sale, but sadly it was not. :(

Oh, and we also got an awesome antique bookshelf off Craig's List for $8! Pretty awesome!

Get ready for my Book Review Blog coming up! I'm trying to think of a name, any ideas?

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