Thursday, April 10, 2008

God is in the rain...

I just ran around outside in the rain for almost an hour.
I'm completely dripping wet.
And my entire body is numb.

And this time I was alone.
Not a single kiss was stolen in the moonlight.

It was wonderful.

And who would've thought I'd be so impacted by
a quote from V for Vendetta (which I haven't even seen):
"God is in the rain..."

God is in the rain...

The rain is needed for things to bloom and grow.
To add color and beauty to an otherwise lifeless landscape.
To bring life to seeds that must die first in order to
become something unpredictable.

It cleanses. When water rushes against rocks it's purified.

I accept the rain.
The truth will set me free...

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  1. Hi there...good thoughts! You need to come and see me!