Saturday, October 4, 2008


Why is it that so many people who are given the gift of love and marriage take it for granted? Too often I witness people looking at marriage as though it is simply a contract that can be easily broken with a small fee. But I can't pull myself to believe in such a thing. Is it not more of a covenant between a husband and wife and God? It's a gift, like the covenant God made with us by sending Jesus to die for us. It's a commitment. What if God decided to break His covenant with us just as easily?

And I think the part of me that is frustrated the most about it is that there are us who are (by the grace of God) patiently waiting for the right person as we endure what is, at times, an immense loneliness while speculating these injustices being done. On the other hand, it makes me grateful for my singleness and that God has set me apart. And I'm not saying it's always both sides of the party that mishandle things. Often times it's only one, and my heart breaks for the other person who usually didn't even see it coming. It happens way too often. But I can only pray that God will redeem them and bless them greatly for continuing to be faithful to the unfaithful. Although I may not tell these dear friends of mine so, I admire them for their strength to endure their messy break ups and divorces.

But we can be grateful that God keeps His promises because He is faithful, and there's something even better awaiting all of us.

I guess I'm just in that season of my life where relationships are blooming or wilting and people are getting married or not-so-married. Since I'm still the single one, all I really do is observe. Sometimes I have to remind myself I'm only about 21. I don't feel 21. But then again, I haven't necessarily felt that I fit in my age group for quite some time now. However, it does assure me that I have plenty of time according to the average life-span of a human being. :)

So this was just a collective rambling since I haven't been keeping up much in this blog. Usually my physical journals last from May to May..but I actually don't have too many pages left in the one I'm using now. Which stinks, cause it's my favorite design thus far. But the next one I have waiting for me with its empty pages is a pretty nifty one. Probably the most unique one yet.

Anyway..midnight is now in the past and we're going to a corn maze later. One of my most favorite things! :)

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