Tuesday, January 8, 2008

School Sweet School

I'm back at school once again! Break was good and somewhat refreshing. Auditions for Anne of Green Gables are next week, so Tristen and I picked up a script today. It's such a wonderful storyline!

If I could choose anything I learned over my break it would be these things:

  1. Love people. Everyone. Even those who seem to be unlovable. We're called to do so. Yes, sometimes it's hard. And you can sit there and think of reasons why you should shun or close certain people out all you want, but how on earth are they to learn to love themselves unless someone sheds some light upon them and shows them how? One of the best ways to reach people is by being an example.
  2. Forgive. You can't love if you can't forgive. One of the most difficult things for me to forgive is selfishness. I hate so much to sit there watching people make decisions without caring a bit how negatively it affects the people around them. But I have to forgive them. I think of all the things I've said and done to cause pain to my God. While He sits there watching my recklessness...He's always forgiven me and welcomed me home with open arms. And if my merciful savior forgives me no matter my decisions, then I must show the same courtesy. I wrote a couple quotes down regarding forgiveness from Beth Moore's "When Godly People Do Ungodly Things":
"The same God who knew in advance
that you would become one of His
children also knew in advance that
you'd be susceptible to fall for a
deceptive scheme of the evil one. Still,
He says you were adopted with pleasure."

"After all God has done for me, if I were to
withhold from the Pharisee the right to
splash in the river of forgiveness, it would
make me a bigger one than he."

I also read a quote earlier today that said, "God is so much easier to please than people." I think this also includes ourselves. Life becomes so much more enjoyable when we choose to please God over ourselves. I see when I try to please myself I am never fulfilled, and usually unhappy.

3. Don't wait for change. Be the spark of the flame yourself. The peacemaker Gandhi said it so well, "Be the change you want to see in the world." I want to see God's character reflected in our lives, and that can begin with me. There's no use in sitting here waiting for it to happen. Take a risk and let God use you in the unknown. You can't even imagine the adventure that will be set before you!

Classes begin again tomorrow. This will be my first semester in my new major. I'm excited but also utterly terrified. But like I said, I need to take a risk and see how God is going to use me. And I must remember to act and write from the heart.

Also in other news, in a couple weeks I'll be going to Florida for a Leadership Conference. I was chosen with 3 other people from my school to attend. I'm so very excited. I'm anticipating the new relationships I'll build on this trip.

My missions trip to Mexico is in about two months also. I still need to raise more funds, so if I may ask that you pray for God to provide for me and the other kids going, I would be forever grateful!

That's really all the news I can think of for now. I should go finish organizing my planner for the semester so I won't have to worry about it later. Farewell, friends!

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