Sunday, December 7, 2008

Stereotypes, chaos, and snow (or lackthereof).

I've discovered that I have phenomenal reflexes.
However, I have terrible depth perception.

"Every saint can have his body under absolute control for God. God has made us to have government over all the temple of the Holy Spirit, over imaginations and affections."
Oswald Chambers

I think there are different stages of faith. And at the same time, as I become older and learn more about people and who God is, I'd almost find it safe to say that there are different styles of faith. Hm. I don't know if 'faith' is the term I want to use here. But I'm going to nonetheless, because the term 'style' is what I wish to emphasize. Perhaps what I actually want to say here is that there are different styles of worship. There are people who like old fashion worship. Whether that means hymns, potlucks, or only using an organ in church services. And a lot of times they grumble at the hoodlums who stole those hymns and organs and replaced them with drums and fancy shmancy lights. These hoodlums are more of a contemporary bunch. Like Hillsong or James River or even the Judges at Fine Arts (you AGers know what I mean). And we have the theologian-like-minded persons who like to break things down into minuscules. You know, because there must be some significance to the smallest hair on the big toe of the left foot attached to the seven headed, ten-horned monster in Revelation 12. It's okay, I have, and do, get curious and nit-picky about these things at times, too.
There are even those who find it acceptable to simply take, within or without reason, the bible as it is.
And I know there are more, plus sub-categories and other limitless possibilities and explanations. This is just my unorganized stereotypical less-than-bullet-point version of a long drawn-out thought process and debate I've had in my head.

Nontheless, they all claim to serve the same God.

I wonder...why do we so often limit God's abilities? I think it's difficult for us as humans to accept that our minds are finite. Is it really so unreasonable to think that God knew and currently knows that we all wouldn't be the same? As long as we all understand that no one comes to the father except through Jesus Christ and obey His commands, what significant difference does it make in the grand scheme of things whether we systematize our 'faith' or 'worship' or not?


Anyone else think that this whole so-called terrible economic crisis is in everyone's heads? I think we're all freaking ourselves out for nothing. Maybe that's just me. Or maybe it's not.

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  1. Fantastic! Really it all boils down to one point, Jesus, after that nothing else matters! I agree, this economic crisis is probably just in our heads, and even if it's not, saving your money isn't going to help the economy any more. The truth is we are in God's hands so life only sucks as much as we let it!