Wednesday, February 6, 2008


The Leadership Conference in Tallahassee, Florida was quite an experience. It was such an honor and privilege to be chosen to go on this trip. There were 15 students at the conference total, most of which were graduates. The rest of the attendees were doctors, directors, etc. In a setting with those statistics it would be very easy to feel out of place, but honestly, I felt like we really had a voice there. Some of them were actually amazed that there were students attending the conference simply for the experience!

The theme was learning how to address Hot Topics on College campuses. It was so interesting looking at it from a Christian perspective. I gained so much appreciation for Evangel, the fact that we have so much freedom in a shared belief that sets a unity between those on our campus. I explained this to some directors at other, secular colleges and they actually considered it a healthy environment.

But something they really emphasized in some of the sessions I attended was the importance of listening. Something I've really began feeling passionate about this year is making sure that everyone's voice is heard and considered. I've been in several group settings where ideas are shoved off, or even people are left out all together and I know that it isn't necessary for that to take place. I was glad that this was brought to attention at this conference.

Overall it was an enjoyable trip. The last day we just enjoyed ourselves (and each other!) until we had to go to the airport. I honestly think I'm going to take these things I've gathered and apply them to the leadership roles I find myself in. Whether it's a title I have, or if it's simply asking myself, "What can I do to help this situation?"

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